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Master Elite Lashes
CONTACT Phone : 626.235.0830 About me My name Kim Dang is a Master Lash Artist with nearly 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. Kim started her career as a nail artist and successfully ran her own 20-employee salon for 10 years in Austin, Texas. Along the way, Kim also found her niche and [...]


Master Elite Lashes
CONTACT Phone : 972.302.8075 About me My name is LYNN PHU, I am a professional Lash Artist who has a passion for Lash Artistry, and I am also a Master of Elite Academy. I had worked in Nail industry for 8 years and a faciality for 2 years. I have always been passionate about well [...]


Master Elite Lashes
CONTACT PHONE: 206.249.3909 About me: My name is Ha tran, I am the founder and owner of Red River Salon, Which is located in the Seattle, Washington area. I am a licensed Cosmetologist, Certified permanent Make up - Artist & Instructors, certified Medical Assistant and a Master In Elite Eyelashes Extension with an emphasis on [...]


Master Elite Lashes
CONTACT Phone : 217.381.2838 About me This is Myo Phan. I have been working in beauty industry for 10 years in Chatham, Illinois. Working in a beauty salon as a professional nail technician for a few years, I have realized that I’ve become so passionate not only about nail art but also about lashes extension, [...]


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CONTACT Phone : 262.235.0830 About me My name is Annie Nguyen and I'm a Master Lash Educator at Elite Lashes Academy. I'm the founder of Annie Lashes and Brows based out of Texas, USA. I have been in the beauty industry for over 10 years with experiences from a variety of trades in this industry: [...]


Master Elite Lashes
CONTACT Phone : 770.814.1234 About me Kay Tran, from San Antonio, Texas. She has been a master esthetician for 6 years and opened her own salon named Kay Tran Beauty in 2018 after building a full clientele of lashes. Kay is passionate about sharing her knowledge to other beauty professionals. She is proud to be [...]